Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Well, I decided since my life is SOOOOOO exciting that starting a blog would be the next best thing for me to do!  Gotta spice things up, and since I work in the hospitality industry I have a lot of fun stories to share.  A LOT.  I come to work every single day with no IDEA as to how my day will shape up and today has already been interesting.  At 11:00 AM a crazy woman called and said that she was planning on ruining my day.  (GREAT!) She is calling for her son, (who is 40 yrs old and has 7 children of his own) and she wants a refund on their stay at our hotel claiming that they didn't even stay with us!! Interesting that he is on our video and his signature is on our check-out slip, but of course she can't be wrong so here is her response to my email letter her know that he signed off on the charges and he is on our front desk video.....PRICELESS......
See you in court and on Utube, twitter and facebook.
Thank you,
Sandee Gunter 
She plans of ruining my good name apparently on every social media outlet possible.  What a classy lady!  God bless her heart!  My day was completely made with this email!  Stay tuned for the latest on Youtube, Facebook & Twitter.   This should be good!!